First blog post

                                 BEING GRATEFUL 

Your brain is an ocean

Your Mind is an empire

Your heart is a kingdom

your body is just a temporary space

If you could watch a sunshine

be grateful for it

if you could run across the street

be grateful for it

can eat with your hand ?

then be grateful for it

if you could laugh

be grateful for it …………

Best friend to a nightmare

Who once gave me chills about life, now the ache that i ignore everyday.

The person who has been my comfort zone, rolling up with the random shits

suddenly turns out to be blind heartless and pale in the eyes.

The person i imagined playing with my kids is now a stranger in the room.

Constantly reminded fickleness and the ache that i felt inside to lose the faith in humanity for the cost of loyalty had some thing more to offer,

Life teaches the most valuable lessons in the most throbbing way, it was look deep within the circle and to be actually grateful for all that you have,

The genuine ones who actually made me smile, to the ones i shared my best days with.

Life is still good, just look deep within ourselves !

Tune yourself to a feel good day

Honestly there are how many days you woke up, felt amazing that carried through out the day. Today was one such day for here is how you can have a “feel good day”

1. Prepare for the day

So a key to a feel good day starts night before the day. Letting go of all that crap happend to you taking time to things that you feel grateful for can create rainbow to your greyish mind. then Going to bed early having a clean seven to eight hours of quality sleep is also a key so that you don’t wakeup feeling tired.

2. Do Not snooze

By this I didn’t mean that you should jump from your bed to your corridor. Its ok to roll in your bed for a few times but not more do not snooze your alarm not even a minute. When the alarm rang slowly stretch your body pull off the blanket and get out from your bed.

3. Feed your soul

This is totally a subjective thing. It depends on people and their way doing it may differ from person to person. For some it may be journaling, for some it may be listening to some podcast it can even be listening to some soothing music.

4. connect physical and mental health

From the book “Who will cry when you die” by Robin Sharma i learned about the concept of practising tough love the more strict you are to your self the more deliberate you live

So doing something that activates your endorphins making you feel productive is something that could bring a drastic shift in our whole lifestyle . With this I didn’t mean to break your pocket and take a gym membership! Going for a run or practising basic yoga or even doing twenty squats if done consistently making it a practice would do.

Feel your self

Last but the not least, it is an undesirable feeling to feel happy of who you are! If you can feel your self you could feel the comfort of your self and that’s something that gets you confidence.

Conscious living

The day i thought of giving it a try as i felt completely motivated to rise up from my laziness and be productive and to be honest i failed! for me it wasn’t about eating greens and working your ass out it mean’t more to me as it has a lot to do with my spiritual and emotional well being. seeing failure in the initial stages might be discouraging but its always about how you take it and giving up is always a choice.

I know its totally a subjective term, you may have a different perspective towards it so as our views are. For me its purely about mental detoxification and physical well being which may sound pretty basic but most people fail in putting them into practice and making a routine out of it.

So far from my journey i came up with something unusual which may sound pretty basic but universal is cleaning the external space as a first step to mental decluttering. it should start as basic and as simple as cleaning your room or even your desk. what matters here is the drive which lead you in accomplishing the task.

Its pretty amazing to know that our body responses on the basis of what we feed in. Listening and eating healthy (ps: not grass) are the major crucial elements here. Listening to something nurturing your mind and making you think is something we need to consider doing on a daily basis.

stay connected……

Up For Adulthood

“Let the child in you bloom”

Words are hidden and emotions striving towards some where unknown

I believe people are turning epitomes of brain

What i want is something that gets me to the greed of success

The pleasure of melting lust.

I’m neither lost nor wandering.

My pleasure is spontenous

Massive active money nothing feels right on my way.

As a kid this wasn’t what i want but i just made to this way

Am I lost? Maybe just grown up.


As the year 2019 bring global cultures to a bang and every other person comes out with a statement style to rock the spotlight, so why not you miss out the frame he are some few ways you can revamp your closet

1. No more cutts

High time to get rid of your cold and off shoulder tops because you don’t need those anymore this season.

2. Minimalism

Be minimal with almost anything you wear don’t over load yourself with too much of accessories. A statement belt and baseball cap is more than enough.

3. High time to be sporty

I meant you better get rid of your old white sneakers that you’ve been wearing all the way from twenty seventeen.   It’s time to pull off your sporty-ness with bulky shoes, boots and what not anything unusual but not your regular white shoes.

4. XXL game

Anything oversized is your buddy from jackets, to denims ( boyfriend ) T-shirts. This is definitely gonna change the game for you this season.

So here are some products specially curated and shortlisted for you to revamp your closet this season

Dress like a fashion blogger

Bringing in the season trends to your wardrobe isn’t quite easy as it may burn your wallet for sure but how about making your boring staple casual look unusual just by adding in few upshot to your wardrobe.

There’s something that’s more important than investing in your clothing is to make a self analysis of your statement style everyone has one, you just need to find your’s and trust me no one can do that better than you.

So what we are here talking about is how you can convert your casuals to a fashion statement.


Any casual white tee lying in your cupboard paired with a normal culottes can bring boom to the way it looks. It goes well with almost anything from crop tops to backless tops and what no, so why not we go for culottes.


Leopard prints

Since animal prints are making a way too much space in season trends why not grab a leopard printed top or a bottom. You can style it with your ripped as well as your normal pair of denim, from pencil skirts to jeggings you can rock that absolutely in any way.

Statement belt

Anything from a long cardigan to shrugs and long winter jacket can pulled out with a statement belt on . It not just makes it elegant and classy but also brings in a lot of comfiness




Mules are just everywhere since it can along with both your ethnics, casuals and also with your formals. So investing on mules would save you from investing for five different of footwear.

Celestial being

Some where in between the huddles and Scream
life takes to you to a phrase where is your existence itself is unbearable
a blink of eyes makes the sky grey,
people surrounded the grave wishing a hello to my dooms day
the air that brought peace now diverts its way,
a million stories told and untold !
The hands that taught me to walk now pulls me towards life, but i lost to the hurricane of evil forces.
All I am left with was a promise to keep you alive !

But the almighty has something in store for me so incomparable, but still depicts more like each other.
The Promise made been the way to my life, and the seraph brought in been the hope to look forward.


Sunshine ‘A dream ‘

Waking up to sunshine touching my face, The shades of orange and yellow filled my room with the hope to rise and shine .

The air being crisp the crampling of birds being louder then their wings being dipped in the lucid flow of air , There is peace everywhere that we got closer to nature.

I didn’t wanna wakeup from that beautiful dream , But Accepting it was merely a dream brought ache to my heart .

The greed of human beings has covered the sky with gray , There is no more sunshine , No more chirping of birds but stains of blood everywhere.

Humanity being killed in the search of God . Grey sky, black days and violence within our hearts thats all we’re left with .

Unknown !

The ache that i felt coming to know the person i see everyday is no more alive !

The newspaper that was lying in my cupboard for about an year now. not even once i thought to flip back and know the name of the face i see every day pulling out my clothes .

It was then a day i got up hearing the news that some celebrity has passed away , ignored and slept for another half an hour later checking my Instagram Suddenly i couldn’t recognise . for a moment i stood . ran back to my room teared the poster from the news paper and read his name the ache that i felt coming to know the person i see everyday is no more alive was something that brought tears to my eyes . Still something about the death is so disturbing as listening to his music gives me the thought of the man coming back to his life .

When god had a zillion things to fix in this world how could be that cruel to take the life from someone whom the people wishes long life .

death has its most worsened form for him that i wish no one else may never come across . something about his life still shines in the dark as even when god turned out be his vicious he still couldn’t be killed as his music being immortal!

Throwback to Some Mid teenage Stories !

Looking back to times where the only thing i wanted was barely some attention! Being too desperate to show off my new clothes to my friends that i fought with my mom 😦

Tribute to the times when i felt getting into atleast one relationship is mandatory for a person as breathing air (LoL)

everything was so temporary that people depicted more like season’s my best friend today a stranger tomorrow!

some idiots just came over , stood with me , made a circle . a few ran away , some were vanished but within the circle everything just got stronger within the time

End to the times when two sided braids and uniforms felt more cozier than pj’s !